Best Foot

Cultivating a lightness of being, in the world and at home

  • Organizing 
  • Decluttering, Clearing
  • Creating Calm Spaces
  • Reducing Plastic, Trash, Carbon Footprint
Maybe you just wish to organize and tidy up your space. Maybe you want to do your best, your part in caring for our earthly home in your own home. But there is so much to tackle or to know. And life is busy – who has time?    I do!

And I can share some with you to set you on your best path, with your best foot forward, through assessing, decluttering, clearing, and creating calm spaces, all while lowering your carbon foot print as well as lessening guilt and frustration.

How would that feel!?

Let me help you get to where you wish to be.

I can also help with packing for a move, estate sales and more.

​I am also an Energy Codes Coach.

PO Box 893, Clinton, WA 98236         360-929-3854    [email protected]