2016 Mystery Weekend Winners!

Congratulations to all the sleuths out there that solved the mystery this year. The three grand prizes at the 2016 Mystery Weekend event went to:

Sophie Morrell, Corinna Edens, and Josh Tocheny

Our other prizes went to the following lucky winners:

Laila Gmerek, Else Jensen, Erik Richardson, Kate Rosson, Annie from Tacoma, Drew Dunning, Nathaniel Kwak, Christina Chiu, Mark Roughsedge, Jim Shepard, Leslie Simons, Chance McMarrow, Emma Lavin, Fiona Hess, Jacob Weidert, Austin Adams, Ailis Palmer, Lorene Blakely, Bri Braverman, Gail Watts, Rebekah Pameroy, Lloyd Hill, & Kristen Decker.

Anyone that was not present to receive their prize will be contacted by email if more information is needed and/or mailed their prize.

Thanks to everyone that participated. We hope to see you again next year!


To view the complete solution, click here.


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