Savory, a restaurant

SAVORY creates and serves dishes inspired by the owners’ moms and grandmothers, culinary experiences from travels throughout Europe, the US, and Mexico, flavors of the Pacific NW, and at-home cooking experimentation. The menu incorporates locally sourced ingredients which are combined in both familiar and unique ways to provide the diner with a savory and satisfying dining experience.

Savory is a place to be at ease and dine, not just eat.  What does this mean?  Well, as we are a small restaurant with a small staff, it may take us a few minutes to take your order.  Your meal will come out of the kitchen at a pace that allows you to enjoy each course.  And, it may take a few moments for us to get your check to you.

Please sit back and dine with us.

Ron & Stefen

220 1st Street,
Langley, WA 98260



*Tuesday-Saturday   4pm-9pm