Mystery Weekend 2017 Solution

The Village and residents of Langley are pleased to announce that the big hairy body discovered Friday morning on Second Street was NOT that of the Whidbey Island Sasquatch!

Unfortunately it WAS identified as the body of well know Hollywood stunt man, Stone Fissure. It was learned that Fissure had been testing a new Wookie costume designed for him by Natalie Drezed. (CLUE 11 and Coroner’s Report)

Detective I.B. Fuzz was able to discern that Mr. Fissure was on his way home to his yacht moored at the harbor. He was returning early from a night testing of the costume because he had developed a severe reaction to the latex in the new mask Natalie had given him to wear that night. (CLUES 11 & 37 and Coroner’s Report)

As he snuck into town he kept to the bushes until he reached the lawn behind the Saratoga Inn.  He was rushing toward Second Street when a very drunk Dr. Claude Dolittle happened to be staggering home from a drinking party at Red Herring’s condo at the harbor. (CLUE 20)

With his determination to capture a Big Foot firmly in his mind, Dr. Dolittle grabbed his tranquilizer dart gun to subdue the beast.  However, Dolittle’s drunken state and bad night vision led to him missing with the first (yellow) dart and then accidentally grabbing the much higher dosage (red) dart. (CLUES 8 & 24 + Coroner’s Report (yellow) & Scene of Crime (red))

Unfortunately Dolittle’s aim the second time hit his target right in the heart with a gorilla-sized dose of tranquilizer, killing even a big, strong man like Stone Fissure instantly! (CLUE 16 and Coroner’s Report)

When Doolittle discovered his mistake he ran to his room at the Saratoga Inn and made an anonymous call to 911 telling them he saw what he thought was a dead gorilla behind the Inn on Second Street.  He then got into an argument with Bambi Hunter who overheard the phone call and  asked what he had done.  He was able to gain her promise to keep his mistake secret as long as she did not get accused of the crime. (CLUES 25 & 38 and Langley Gazette Front Page below fold)

Fortunately Detective I.B. Fuzz was again able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and Dr. Dolittle was arrested and is being charged with manslaughter.

Click here for a video of the solution.

After the Big Reveal on Sunday, we gave away some great prizes! Here is rundown of the giveaway. The two grand prizes were drawn from those that guessed the correct culprit and the winners were:

Andy L. from Marysville, WA not only guessed that Dr. Claude Dolittle was the culprit, he also won one a grand prize of an amazing night’s stay at the Inn at Langley. But that’s not all, he will also get to experience the artistic culinary mastery of northwest award-winning Chef Matt Costello. A value of close to $600.

Molly G. of Federal Way, WA won our other grand prize of our one-night stay at Saratoga Inn with amazing views of the passage. Along with a night’s stay, Molly also won a gift card to Langley’s French-inspired northwest bistro, Prima Bistro and an evening of entertainment at Whidbey Center for the Arts. A $375 value.

At this point, we put all the submitted solutions together and pulled winners from the entire pot.

Courtney O. of Lakewood, WA one a beautiful gift set of curated treasures from Artisan Crafted Home, a unique home goods store with stylized gifts from near and far. $120 value.

Steve M. of Langley, WA won a fun evening on the town that included a dinner at Spyhop Public House, a lively pub and restaurant along with two tickets to the Clyde Theatre, an iconic movie theater that has graced Langley’s presence since 1937! A total value of more than $60.

Tom C. of Guyton, GA won a prize package for adults only—a plentiful gift basket from Sweet Mona’s Chocolates, our very own chocolatier along with two bottles of wine from Spoiled Dog Winery—one of our exceptional vineyards. A $125 value.

Sandra J. of Seattle, WA won a gift set from Moonrakers Books to snuggle up in bed with and a one-of-a-kind paperweight from Callahan’s Firehouse. A $150 value.

Vic C. of Brier, WA won the gift of the perfect way to start your day: a $75 gift card for breakfast or brunch at the winner of the “Best Breakfast in Washington State” by Food Network magazine, The Braeburn Café as well as a relaxing massage from Whidbey Ripple Effect. A $175 value.

Josh T. of Marysville, WA won package that included a cozy selection of goods from Fair Trade Outfitters, a Thai linen from the eclectic store Music for the Eyes, and a gift certificate from In the Country Clothing Boutique.

Louis M. of Greenbank, WA won a prize package that included high-quality olive oil from The Tipsy Gourmet, three packages of gourmet-blended coffee from Useless Bay Coffee Co., and a gift set including a wine glasses, baseball cap, and t-shirt from Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club. A $115 value.

Ashleyrae E. of Renton, WA won our final drawing prize that showcases the best of Langley with a gift certificate toward a day on the water with Whidbey Island Kayaking and a night on the town at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts. A $125 value.

We then paid tribute to some of our long-time participants. Three of our Mystery Weekend sleuths have participated for 32 of our 33 years. And we decided to give them each a small token of our appreciation with some very large t-shirts:

Jack McClincy, Saundra Grigg, and Connie Sullivan! None of the three were present at the Big Reveal, but we will be mailing out the t-shirts to them. And with that, the evening ended.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 33rd Annual Mystery Weekend.

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