Mystery Weekend 2017: In Review


February 25 & 26, 2017

Mystery Weekend 2017
An “Un”Conventional Murder


The International Science Fiction Arts & Technology Society was holding their first convention in Langley in late February and the town was full of sci-fi creators and fans. Meanwhile, reports of Sasquatch sightings near Langley enticed Big Foot Friends to town too. Then, on Friday morning, a big furry body is found behind the Saratoga Inn. Was it Big Foot or a big hoax to publicize the sci-fi convention?

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Langley invited amateur sleuths to solve the mystery by purchasing a clue map, reading the sensational news stories, picking up clues around town, interviewing a zany cast of suspects and entering a guess to win prizes provided by local merchants.
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The Village and residents of Langley were pleased to announce that the big hairy body discovered Friday morning on Second Street was NOT that of the Whidbey Island Sasquatch! Unfortunately it WAS identified as the body of well know Hollywood stunt man, Stone Fissure. It was learned that Fissure had been testing a new Wookie costume.

Fortunately Detective I.B. Fuzz was again able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and Dr. Dolittle was arrested and is being charged with manslaughter. Click here for the detailed solution.

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