Misfit Island Cider Company

Cidery specializing in dry ciders.

Misfit Island Cider company represents the love i have for dry cider, and the hope to share that love with people all over. I hope to share my love of Dry Cider, and help people open there eyes to the variety and versatility of dry ciders. I want to show people all over that not all cider is sweet, and that cider can be just as fun as beer, and just as classy as wine. That it is an every day drink, that suites all occasions.

So come on out to Misfit Island, and see what we are making. Not only do i love cider, i also love Music, Christmas, Travel, BBQ, smoked meats and making new friends. I may not do things the standard way, i do them the misfit way. A little off, but still done wonderfully. So i hope you enjoy the cider we are making, and hope that you become part of the misfit family. Playing by your own rules, a little off but still awesome.

We are just misfits making cider our own way. We hope you love it, we sure do! Won’t you fancy a Pint?