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Art & Culture Center of Whidbey Island

35th Mystery Weekend Feb 23 & 24, 2019




The killer of Professor E.D. Brown was Goodwife Elizabeth Howe of colonial New England.


When Professor Brown learned from both Merlin and Otto Einstein that he had to send his “guests” from the past back to their original time and place (without a memory of the future they had seen) he brought back Dr. Watson hoping he could help that problem.  When Dr. Watson told Professor Brown that he could not get the necessary drugs because of modern drug regulations Brown asked Watson what to do.  Watson suggested the Professor find a good herbalist or natural healer who could help create a plant based potion to wipe the memories of the people from the past.  Professor Brown selected Elizabeth Howe who was known as a colonial healer.


Elizabeth Howe helped Dr. Watson find plants and herbs around Langley. The dried herbs and seeds from other areas the Professor ordered over the internet for Elizabeth when she identified exactly what items she could not find in the forests of shops.


Elizabeth Howe and several of the other visitors from the past learned about the books available at the local library and several of them, Elizabeth included, decided to look into history books to find out what had happened between their time and 2019.  It was during one of these reading sessions that Elizabeth came upon the story of the Salem Witch Trials and realized that she would  be accused of witchcraft, twice, and eventually hanged.


Elizabeth loved her blind husband but did not miss the hardships of Colonial New England.  She liked the modern amities of 2019 and she definitely did not want to be hanged,  so she was going to stay in 2019 not matter how.  She decided she would need to eliminate Professor Brown.


Elizabeth started applying for jobs so she would have a means of support after the Professor was dead and could no longer take her back to colonial times.


At the same time Elizabeth was plotting a way to eliminate Professor Brown, Allen Rench (who thought the idea of time travel both unlikely and dangerous) was planning to get rid of the Time Machine in case it really had worked. He rigged an explosion to destroy the “sculpture” on Wednesday at noon when he thought everyone would be at lunch.


Elizabeth decided to use a combination of castor bean extract (risin),  THC,  and “magic mushrooms” baked into a special fruit tart she gave the Professor as a dessert Tuesday evening. He was going do be walking to town to work on the Time Machine at the sculpture garden that evening as usual.  She figured no one would know what killed him wherever or whenever he was finally found dead.


But the professor made it all the way to Langley and died inside the Time Machine as he was working on repairs.  His body was blown from the machine when Allen Rench’s explosion hit at noon.  The spike of wood from the explosion did indeed penetrate Brown’s heart but it was not the cause of death.



Flying Bear Flowers

Langley Library

Star Store

Village Wine Shop

Anthes Ferments

Saratoga Inn

Knights of Columbus

Ott and Murphy

Sweet Mona’s

The Big Gig


P.S. Joe Curr is trapped in 1957 but is really enjoying all the new “57 car models.  He may never come back.

Souvenir Programs available at for only $4.

Bring your notepad, your sleuthing hat, and your curiosity!

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Without fail, every February someone commits a terrible crime in Langley and it’s up to YOU to figure out who-dun-it. It’s Mystery Weekend and the annual event celebrates its 35th anniversary February 23-24, 2019.

Sleuths of all ages are invited to participate in the longest running Mystery Weekend in the United States. If you’re smart enough to figure out who committed this dastardly deed, you might even win yourself some prizes. Purchase tickets Saturday, February 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, February 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Langley Chamber of Commerce office at 208 Anthes Avenue.

Langley is again asking for all the help it can get to solve this latest in a 35-year string of late February murders in the quiet seaside village. Spend one day or the whole weekend interviewing live suspects, viewing the scene of the crime, reading the sensational newspaper stories in the Langley Gazette, gathering clues, and trying to identify the murderer. Then make your way to Whidbey Children’s Theater auditorium at 723 Camano Avenue (formerly the Langley Middle School Auditorium) for the big reveal at 5 p.m. Sunday, or if you have to leave early, look for the solution on our website,, after 8 p.m. on Sunday, February 24, 2019.

The cost to participate is just $12, and includes a chance to guess who-dun-it along with your chance to win great prizes. We offer a discount to youth, seniors, and military personnel ($10).

Tickets available online for pick-up on Saturday, February 23 at the Langley Chamber of Commerce, 208 Anthes Ave, Langley, WA 98260. Doors open at 9 a.m. for pre-orders and 10 a.m. for same-day purchase. (Your entry is due back to the Chamber by 4 p.m. on Sunday to be eligible for drawing.)


Advance Clues for Mystery Weekend 2019

Oddly dressed people have been spotted on the streets of Langley since September. Leading up to the 2019 Mystery “Killing Time,” we offer these encounters:


Clue #1: On the Street Interview from The Langley Gazette

Local Woman Tells of Odd Encounter on Cascade Avenue

Monday the 14th was bright and sunny so I thought I’d walk downtown and donate some items to the thrift store.

On my walk I encountered a woman in a medieval costume sitting on a bench overlooking the water.  I asked her if she was an actor in the Shakespeare Festival.  She seemed offended, saying, “I would never stoop to be on a stage. I am here visiting Professor Brown of Langley.”

I told her he taught my son’s science class and she replied, “Your son is indeed lucky to have such a teacher.”

She said her name was Lucrezia.  I commented on the beautiful jewelry she was wearing. She told me she was planning to sell some of it to “get some of that paper trading money you use.” What an odd comment.

I wished her a good day and continued downtown. I wonder who she is. She certainly is not the typical visitor to Langley.


Clue #2: On the Street Interview from The Langley Gazette

Man Confronts Child Hunting Local Rabbits

We have a lot of rabbits in Langley. But most residents don’t want to harm them.  That is why a local man stopped his car and confronted an oddly dressed boy stalking some rabbits with a bow and arrow.

“When I approached the boy I noticed he was dressed in what looked like a Halloween costume,” said the man. “I asked him what he was doing he made a kind of bow and replied, ‘I was hunting for meat, sir.  I do not like the food we have been eating and hoped for a rich rabbit stew tonight.'”

I informed him that we did not hunt rabbits in this town. He found that odd but told me that since he was a visitor to our land he would abide by our customs.

He said, “If I may not hunt then I shall go to town to see the wonders the others are talking about.” He bowed again and ran off calling out, “Farewell kind sir.”

As he ran off I wondered if he was an example of the odd people other folks had told they spotted in Langley recently. He certainly was much more polite and obedient than most kids today!


Clue #3: On the Street Interview from The Langley Gazette

“Comedy” Painter performs at Boy & Dog Park

On MLK weekend a young man in a renaissance costume set up at the Whale Bell Park on First Street in Langley and proceeded to begin several sketches of the seagulls, and the Whale Bell.  His work was so bad that at first I did not know what to make of it but when one couple approached, the artist spoke to them in a thick accent and with great seriousness about his work. When the man said his name was Bernardo da Vinci the couple though he was a comic and started laughing. When the young man acted offended the couple laughed even harder, thinking it was part of the routine. The “artist” became very angry and I stepped in as he stormed away.

I told the couple that the young man was not a comic but one of a group of very odd strangers who had come to Langley recently. The couple asked if they were dangerous and I said they did not seem so even though this da Vinci guy had gotten very angry. I certainly hope this type of thing does not happen again and hurt Langley’s friendly reputation.


Clue #4 On The Street Interviews from The Langley Gazette
Ferry Captain Shares Odd Nautical Conversation

Local Ferry Captain Porter Starboard was enjoying an espresso at “The Problem Solvers” table in the coffee shop when he told this story.
“I went down to the marina to check on my son’s boat during the cold weather and saw two old guys huddled, shivering, on a park bench. I asked them if they needed help. One of them heaved a big sigh and answered, “There is no help for me.”

His friend put an arm around his shoulder and told him, “Now John, we don’t know that yet. Professor Brown may find a solution.”

I told them that Professor Brown sometimes asked “The Problem Solvers Table” for their opinions and invited them up for coffee. They shook their heads and the guy with the southern accent said, “Thank you Colonel but this problem is something we really need to solve ourselves.”

“I told him I was not a ‘Colonel’ but a ferry Captain and they both seemed to cheer up and changed the conversation to ask me about our Washington State Ferry System. They knew a lot about older ships and the southern guy loved stern wheelers. It was a fun conversation. I wish I could have gotten them to the coffee shop. You guys would have loved it.”

Clue #5 On The Street Interviews from The Langley Gazette
Herbal Remedies Hot Topic on Second Street

Langley garden volunteer, Poppy Guardner, was cleaning dead leaves out of the flower beds on Second Street when an English gentleman and a woman in an old fashioned dress approached her. The woman asked if Poppy knew where she might find some Salvia or Banister’s Cap.

According to Poppy, “I told her I had never heard of Banister’s Cap but that I sometimes saw Salvia growing wild in the summer along Maxwelton Creek. She said she needed these and some Bread Seed Poppy for medicinal use. I said she could find poppy seeds for bread at the grocery store but doubted even the garden center would have Salvia as it is considered a weed.”

The man thanked Poppy and as the couple was walking away the woman said, “I do not feel it is prudent to wait until summer.” and the English gentleman answered, “I’ll see if Mark Twain can help us find some Jimsonweed. That might work.”


Clue #6 On The Street Interviews from The Langley Gazette
Man Claims to be Einstein Cousin

Mayor Tim Callison was surprised to see a wild-haired man in a lab coat coming into City Hall last week. The man introduced himself as Professor Einstein.

When the Mayor smiled and laughed the older man just sighed and said, “No, not Albert. I am Professor Otto Einstein from Pittock University in Oregon. Albert is my German cousin.”

The Mayor asked what he could do for Professor Einstein and Otto said, “I wanted to speak with you about those young men who caused the explosion last week. Please do not be too hard on them. They show great talent.”

When asked how he knew the Bell boys, Otto said that he was staying at Professor Brown’s house, where the explosion happened, and had observed the boys at work several times before the accident. The Mayor assured Professor Einstein that the boys were only being monitored by the police, not discouraged.



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