Langley – Moonraker Books

Moonraker Books holds the record for the longest continued businessownership by one family in Langley.

Owner Josh Hauser and her husband Glen moved from southern California to Langley in 1974 and bought and renovated a funky former thrift store into a two story space filled with their favorite thing—books!

Moonraker Books opened its doors in June 1975 and has been a community favorite since. Langley is home to many creative people and several local authors are represented in this treasure trove of good reads.

“Glen and I always shared a love of books,” said Hauser. Now a widow, Josh Hauser continues to run the bookstore with the help of her son and loyal employees who, some of whom have been with her for years.

“We’ve had fewer than 20 employees since 1975,” said Hauser.

Hauser is also known as one of the original cast members in Langley’s annual Mystery Weekend. She has participated every year since it began in 1984. She’s a big believer in community involvement.

“We just love books,” said Hauser. “And people.”

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