Artisan Crafted Home's Deck the Door entry. The Village of Langley is a delightful place to shop and enjoy the holidays

Holiday Shopping Can Be a Pleasure

For the last few years the town of Langley has promoted a “Deck the Doors” contest where local artists work with the merchants to create special Christmas displays at the entrance to their stores.

The outdoor gallery created by this contest provides bright and colorful holiday decorations through the town. An impartial panel of judges chooses three winners who receive cash prices. The real winners are the visitors to the town.


The top two winners in this year’s contest are Artisan Crafted Home by co-owner/artist Suzanne Healy who created a glorious lighted window with fixtures available at the shop, and Brackenwood Gallery by co-owner/artist Jason Waskey, who created wreaths for the 12 days of Christmas. Third place was shared by four of the stores: Langley Whale Center, Langley Fine Fabrics and Antiques, Roberta and The Star Store.

Nearly every store in the business district participated. The result is a cheerful, lively space where people can wander in and out of the different stores, enjoy shopping or simply appreciate the lights and colors and artistic atmosphere.

A recent visitor during this holiday time commented that the “city feels alive and festive.”


There are those who enjoy the experience of going to a busy, crowded mall to look for bargains for friends and family. But the village of Langley offers something that many people will discover reflects the pleasures of a simpler time, when the winter holidays were more than just a mad dash to buy presents.

The village of Langley provides a quaint, charming experience that appeals to many who want to walk around shops in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

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