Double Bluff Brewing Company in Langley: Great Craft Beers that will make beer lovers out of just about everyone

A visitor to Double Bluff Brewing Company for their soft opening in early October told owner Daniel Thomis, “I don’t like beer, but I really like these.” For the initial two days that Daniel and his wife Marissa offered their beers, nearly 200 people stopped by for some tastes.

Double Bluff Brewing Company (DBLF) is the culmination of a vision and a desire to fill a niche.

Daniel Thomis didn’t begin his life with a desire to be a brewmeister. He was born in Switzerland and came to the United States when he was 20 to attend college. He got a degree in Biology and Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he also met Marissa. After graduation, Daniel and Marissa headed east and settled in Boston. For many years Daniel was employed in biotech and pharmaceutical companies, while Marissa taught English as a second language.

“We want people to come and taste our beers and have fun.”

Nearly 20 years ago, using his chemistry background and his love of good beer, Daniel began making home brews and began thinking about what else he might want to do with his life. After living in Boston for 20 years, Daniel and Marissa decided they were ready to return to the West Coast. They learned about a website, “” and each took a 50 question test that was intended to help them discover where they really wanted to live. It turns out that “Whidbey Island” was the only location that came up for both of them.

doublebluff2When they first researched Whidbey Island (which neither had ever heard of), their first responses were, “It’s too remote; it’s too rural.” But in November 2013, they paid a visit to Whidbey and “We fell in love with Langley.” They both agreed, “Let’s do it!”

They also learned that there was no brewery in Langley. After the years of home brewing, and even taking a course in making beer, Daniel realized he could fulfill a fantasy by filling a niche and open a brewing company. He told Marissa, “Let’s do our dreams.” As Daniel says, “Brewing beer involves lots of science and chemistry.”

Daniel and Marissa made the move to Langley one year later in November 2014. They looked at commercial property in Freeland and Langley. When they learned that new owners had taken over the property on Anthes Street and were doing significant improvements, they decided it would be the perfect space for their Brew pub. Daniel says that the owners, Sara Ames and Thomas Haven, put a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into the renovation of the building.

Daniel designed the layout for their new venture. He had to fit everything – the brewing room and the seating for customers – into a small space. He gave the bar an “S” shape that made the space look larger, and he was able to provide seating for 20, using the bar and some tables. The end result is an intimate, warm atmosphere that promotes one of Daniel’s most important visions: “We want people to come and taste our beers and have fun.”

Visiting the brewery also provides an education about the world of beer. Daniel and Marissa will be glad to explain how to understand the qualities of each of the beers: “ABV” – alcohol by volume; “IBU” – International bitterness units; and “SRM” – the color of the beer.

Double Bluff brews only ales, no lagers, which include traditional and modern ales (Daniel notes, “Some are even obscure.”). Some of the current brews include Amber ales, Porters, Stouts, Belgian; plus some lighter ales and seasonal and experimental brews.

All beer is made from local products: malted barley from the Pacific Northwest and hops from the Yakima Valley.

Finger foods include giant pretzels and bread sticks made expressly for Double Bluff Brewing by nearby Sundance Bakery, and peanuts, chips and other snack foods.

Double Bluff Brewing Company is at 112 Anthes St. in Langley, behind Fair Trade Outfitters. Open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1 to 8 p.m. Check out this fun video:

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