CADA is Island County’s domestic violence and sexual assault agency. We provide free, confidential assistance for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, rape, child sexual abuse, and sexual harassment to any and all residents who reside within Island County, Washington.

​Services include, crisis intervention, trauma informed advocacy, legal advocacy (assistance with protection order paperwork, CADA is NOT a law firm), medical advocacy (accompany clients to SA/SANE exams), emergency shelter, parenting classes, and community education and prevention programs.

Citizens Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse (C.A.D.A.) provides free, confidential assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence, including a 24-hour crisis line (360) 675-2232 or (800) 215-5669, advocacy based counseling, emergency shelter, education, and prevention services.


24-hour crisis, (360) 675-2232
Office, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm, (360) 675-7057


PO Box 190
Oak Harbor