Mystery Weekend 2023 Solution

Mystery Weekend 2023 Solution


Well Detective Ranger Catchem got quite a surprise Sunday afternoon when he assembled all the suspects in the death of Werner von Tannar.  As he brought them into a lineup to reveal the murderer that annoying salesman from ACME Gadgets came on stage with a new “ACME Criminal Detection Device” which he guaranteed would reveal the murderer beyond a doubt by detection either the victim’s DNA on the suspects person but could also find the stolen thumb drive with the landing commands on it.


As he walked down the line the machine alerted on Professor Ariani Falcon but she was dismissed when the DNA was revealed to be on her lips and clothing. That was to be expected since they fell next to each other and she was seen kissing Werner just before the auction.


As the ACME device moved down the line it did not alert until the operator came to Ali Bauhba and Rocky Roads. The device immediately alerted on Ali Bauhba. She had Werner’s DNA on her. She was searched and she had the stolen thumb drive.


As the Langley Police Chief came to arrest Ali and take her away Rocky Roads grabbed Ali’s arm and said that she was innocent in Werner’s death. Rocky said Ali had indeed pushed Ariani to the ground and scratched Werner’s face in anger but Rocky confessed it was him who rubbed the Wonky Weed juice Werner’s neck and face, also pushing in into his mouth. Rocky contended that he did not mean to kill Werner. He did not know Werner would have an anaphylactic reaction to the weed.\


The Langley Police decided to arrest both Ali and Rocky, call their parents, and sort the whole thing out at the Police Station.


It was not politics, nor meat lovers, nor vegans which caused Werner’s death. It was young love!


Information and clues which would have helped you come to this conclusion are:

Story on Page 2 of the Gazette : “Rocketeers Ready…”

And Clues Numbered: 2-8-10-13-14-18-19-23-28-29-36







It was not politics, nor meat lovers, nor vegans which caused Werner von Tanner’s death.

It was young love!

Werner was attacked by Ali Bauhba and murdered by Rocky Roads with the use of Whidbey Wonky Weed juice.  We hope you had fun during the 38th Langley Mystery Weekend.

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