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Mystery Weekend February 26-27, 2022

Author: Langley Chamber of Commerce


Spread the lovemore Mystery Weekend Tickets ( $15 adults, $12 Seniors. youth, military   Mystery Weekend Sell Sheet Sponsorship 2022       The Story
Spread the love

 Mystery Weekend Tickets (

$15 adults, $12 Seniors. youth, military


Mystery Weekend Sell Sheet

Sponsorship 2022




The Story Starts Here: 

“A Cereal Mystery”


The seaside village of Langley had been tense all year.  For the first time in 37 years it seemed there was no murder in February 2021.  Many rejoiced when local “ghost whisperer” Claire Voiant announced to the City Council in March that she had been able to contact the first victim of a murder in Langley, local dentist Dr. Max Payne, and convinced him to lift the curse he had put on the town because his murderer had gone free.  She assured everyone there would be no more murders from now on.  However a majority of the residents were skeptical and when three people went missing in 2021 (wealthy landowner General Ottis Millez, retired Hollywood super star John Braveheart, and local fishing boat captain Krispin Krunch) people began to worry that not only had the curse not been lifted but that there might just be a cereal murderer at large in the quiet village.

Has the curse really been lifted? 

Will the missing persons be found dead or alive? 

Will there be another murder in February 2022?


Langley is again requesting amateur sleuths to come to town on February 26th and 27th 2022 to help local detective I.B. Fuzz solve these missing person cases and any murders which may reveal themselves that weekend. 





Mystery Weekend 2022 Clues Preview

May, 2021
Billionaire Landowner Missing
The family of billionaire General Ottis Mills reported him missing May 25 after he did not meet his children at SeaTac Airport nor at the 50-acre parcel he had recently purchased to build a family vacation compound. The General’s oldest son, Al Bran, told The Gazette, “Dad was supposed to meet all four of us at the airport after we returned from a family vacation to Hawaii but, when he did not show, my sister Honey suggested that perhaps I got the location wrong,  so we went to the Whidbey property to see if he was meeting us there. We waited five hours but he never showed. His B&B hostess said he had left in a huff the morning of February 27th after complaining that he wanted Eggs Benedict instead of French Toast. Neither she nor any of us have heard from him since that date.
Langley Police have issued a missing person bulletin and have assigned Police Detective Polly Graph and retired Detective I.B. Fuzz to look into the case.  The Gazette will report any developments.

June 2021
Freeland Shipyard Launches Charter Fishing Yacht
On June 23 the Freeland Shipyard launched the first of what is to be a fleet of luxury Fishing Charter Ships to serve the Puget Sound region. The first ship, “The Mi$$ Fortune,” will sail out of Langley Harbor starting with the Fall salmon season. The ship was accompanied on its launch sail from Freeland’s Holmes Harbor to the Shipyard’s dock at the Port of Langley by a dozen smaller boats blowing air horns and cheering. The shipyard plans to have the luxury interior finished and navigational equipment installed and ready for The Mi$$ Fortune’s maiden voyage in August.

July 2021
Ship and Captain Missing
    The owners of the luxury fishing charter ship The Mi$$ Fortune announced July 20th that Captain Crispin Crunch had not returned from the ship’s first shakedown cruise along the coast from Langley to Astoria. There has been no contact with the ship since shortly after Captain Crunch radioed that he was about to cross the Columbia Bar and was planning to dock overnight in Astoria. A team of Freeland Shipyard staff and the ship’s owners have searched the area around Astoria but the ship apparently never docked and there were no sighting of either Captain or ship as of publication time.

August 2021

Is Family Feud Behind Complaint?

A long simmering midwest family feud may be behind the stop work order issued August 31 by the Island County Code Enforcement Department for the clearing and development of 100 acres of land along Maxwelton Road owned by the missing billionaire grain dealer General Ottis Millez.

As soon as the sign informing the public of the proposed clear cut and subdivision of the land was posted, a code violation complaint was filed by Candace “Candie” Millez Krunch of Langley. Mrs. Krunch is the estranged sister of Ottis Millez. Candie came to Whidbey after their father died and left his entire estate to her older brother, Ottis, as the only male heir. Friends of Mrs. Krunch say she has long suspected her brother of influencing the change in their late father’s will.

September 2021

Rocket Crashes Behind Intermediate School

On the night of Friday September 24, many residents complained of bright lights and a loud bang awakening them around midnight. Langley police investigated and found a group of students partying in the woods behind the high school and setting off fireworks in honor of a friend’s 18th birthday. The students were booked for possession of illegal fireworks and disturbing the peace. They were released to their parents at 6:30 Saturday morning.

However, Monday morning a path of charred grass led Farmer Krunch to a mysterious rocket which had crashed in their back ten acres. Police have cordoned off the area and specialists from Boeing were asked to aid in identifying the source of the rocket. Anonymous sources told the Gazette that the rocket had not exploded but seemed to have broken cleanly into two pieces on impact. The interior of the rocket was hollow but had a strong odor of methane, not unlike that of a cattle barn in summer. This mysterious rocket, not the partying teens, is believed to have been the source of the bright lights and loud bang heard Friday night. Upon reports of the unusual craft the NTSB and Homeland Security have stepped in to take over the investigation. The Gazette will keep Langley informed of any developments.

October 2021

Picketing at Millez Land as Clearing

In spite of heavy rain and gusting winds several people, led by Mrs. Candie Krunch, gathered at the land owned by General Ottis Millez, to protest the resumption of clear cutting of the fifty acre parcel.  According to a flyer distributed by a group calling itself “Air, Seas, and Trees” they want to see the end of, “The brutal ravaging of the forests which clean our air and protect our seas from toxic run off.”  The small group admitted to being newly organized. This was their first protest but the young people in particular were very enthusiastic in their shouts and distribution of flyers to anyone who would stop to ask what they were picketi

The picketers were not successful in stopping the crew from “Trees Begone Land Clearing” from resuming the work they had just begun when Island County issued a stop work order after a complaint was filed.  According to foreman, Raul Bunions, “We got the permit again and neither rain, nor snow, nor winds will stop us now,” 

December 2021

Missing Charter Boat Returns Without Actor John Braveheart

The morning of November 16, while most of Langley huddled in their houses waiting for the power to come back on, a large battered ship was sighted anchored just off the Langley Marina. Shouts of joy followed as folks in the marina realized the ship was the luxury fishing charter boat the Mi$$ Fortune which had been missing since it left Langley on a shakedown cruise in July. A dinghy immediately rowed out to the ship and brought Captain Krispin Krunch to shore. While the Harbor Manager phoned Krispin’s parents to tell them the news, General Manager of the Freeland Boat Yard (builders of the ship) and an officer of The Swedish Fishing Company (owners of the ship) bombarded the Captain with questions.
Harbor Master Salty Chuck informed Krunch that his family was on their way and then praised the captain for his remarkable skill in bringing the ship into port in spite of gale force winds and king tides. Swedish Fishing Company representative, Sven Svenson, then told Krunch and Freeland Boatyard G.M. Barnie Pickles that he wanted to inspect the ship before Krunch got distracted with his family reunion so the three rowed out to the ship.Buy your tickets today:

Mystery Weekend Tickets:



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