Langley Beckons

Come for the experience…leave with the memories!

Planning a trip to Langley, Washington doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Get comfortable, relax, and take a few minutes to make sure you experience the intrigue and renewal that awaits you here on Whidbey Island!


“Consider a few more options to help you plan your adventure or retreat that offers upscale dining, lodging, and shopping for those discerning individuals seeking the unique things in life.”

  1. Dream big! What is it you want to do in Langley and on Whidbey Island? With a 55-mile long Island, there is plenty to do between Possession Point and
    Deception Pass.
  2. Do you like events? Check out our online events calendar to find what festivals and events you just can’t miss while you’re here.
  3. Pencil in dates on your calendar, then head to our Stay section on the website to browse an amazing selection of accommodations. If you need additional information about the 50+ lodgings we represent, feel free to call our office for help at (360) 221-6765.
  4. Keep researching your options for adventure. Langley is all about unique experiences. You can blow glass, make chocolate, talk with vintners and coffee roasters, and more. Run a half marathon, kayak, bird watch, go horseback riding, mountain bike on extraordinary trails, or cycle waterside. There are festivals and markets to keep you busy, as well as great opportunities to find that perfect memento to take home with you. Best of all, we’re sure you’ll take a sweet memory of Langley and all that it offers home with you.